Advice For The Better You

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ABILITY — If those you relied on let you down, turn toward your own ingenuity and resources.

The more you accomplish in a day, the more able you are.

A Simple Truth: Everyone has some special ability, including you.

ACCEPTANCE — First part of life is coming to the party (saying hello). Second part of life is waving goodbye (moving away, deaths). Adapt, adjust and accept are the keys to keeping joy through all of life’s transitions.

ADVICE — If you land in water with a car that does not float, jump out. It is unwise to lose your life over something replaceable.

Water the soil you sow (i.e. If you start a project, give it all the water [props] it needs for completion).

If the whole world is doing it, don’t.

ATTITUDE — Victory comes through being contented with your life.

CALM — If you can make yourself be calm, you will become calm.

HAPPINESS — Happiness is not dependent on circumstances. Joy is internal and constant regardless of circumstances. Both are a choice. Unhappiness is also a choice.

HEALTH – Good Health is three things:

  1. Digestion is your first line of defense—eat good food ‘calmly’ and chew it well. Simply put: good food, good body; bad food, bad body.
  2. Sleep is your greatest immunity, sanity, peace.
  3. Words. Miner staked a claim; the claim was theirs. In the same manner, what you claim, you get. Don’t say, “I have a headache.” Instead say, “I need a couple of aspirins for my head.”

JOY — A joyful person is always thinking and talking positive thoughts and words.

Dressing well—not necessarily expensive but clean and neat–promotes a feeling of joy. When you feel good about the way you look, you will feel good!

Monitor your joy. It is a ‘gripping, complaining, bitching’ society but it does not have to splash on you. Walk away from perennially negative talkers, protect your health, watch good TV and read joke books—read many joke books, especially at bedtime. I work at having as much joy as the best clown in the world, and it has paid off.

Did You Know: Joy is connected to energy; when a person has joy, he/she has greater energy (pep).

KINDNESS —  It does not cost money to be kind.

KNOWLEDGE — Ignorance is not bliss—a wise person is knowledgeable about many things that pertain to the betterment of his/her life.

LAUGHTER — Laugh off the offenses while you go “forward” in life. Keep remembering that tomorrow will be a new day with less offensive people.

Laughter heals—enjoy some good jokes.

LENDING — Never lend to a lazy person. Never lend to a gambler. Never lend to a shopaholic. Never lend to a drunkard. Never lend to a drug user.

If you must lend, “always” put the agreement in a signed contract, even if it is with Fido, your dog.

LONELINESS — Do not judge how much you are loved all year by how alone you are at Christmastime.

LIAR – Liar’s think they are believed because of the good manners of other people—people don’t call them down on it. A liar’s inconsistency is known to everyone but him/her.

MOLESTING — Being molested is not a life sentence, as the experts say—believe instead that it can be uplifted and cure. I am a living, joyful proof.

MONEY — The ABC’s of finance: a) if you spend money, it is gone; b) if you do not spend money, it is not gone; c) if you save money, it is around.

SELF — Be the best you can and let the rest go.

ZINGERS — Insults are a dime a dozen. Do not linger with those who throw zingers.

Alta Leah Emrick, D.D. July 22, 2019

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