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How to Survive With Only God’s Love


If you are troubled with unresolved issues, especially those from the past, this book is an indispensable guide to restored joy and peace.

Vignettes of hope and survival through divorce, sorrow, loneliness, and more. Self-help and what to do.


In a step-by-step format, this book shows God’s victories for each hurdle of life. It bolsters, reinforces, strengthens, encourages, supports, sustains, inspires, motivates, improves, enhances, promotes confidence, breaks patterns, brings remedies, and solves problems. Each story fits today’s busy schedule and will help the reader find hope for today and for tomorrow as they let go of the past.



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Wisdom is the key to success in every avenue of life. The 1300 simple truths in this book will help you:


Enjoy a more powerful and solid career
Recognize the hidden motives of others
Guard your energy from the hanger-on’s
Make confident decisions
Build great personal relationships
Tap into the wisdom of ages
Improve insight and knowledge
Relish a greater happiness
Control your destiny
Take total ownership of your life


Dr. Emrick blows the fuzzy seeds from the dandelion with a deft, witty hand in Simple Wisdom for Successful Living. This is a humorous, thoughtful book filled with sayings showing the simple wisdom in life and how our actions affect ourselves and others. I was privileged to read it. -Yvonne Erwin is the author of This Discovery of Joy, and The Sisters of Madelaine Lane, women’s fiction, and co-author of A Glimpse of Glory: My Journey to Heaven and Back, an inspirational novel with Rick East.


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501 Great Jokes for Kids 8 to 88

book cover

With over 500 jokes, this book will make you laugh. It is guaranteed to giggle-jumpstart your day.

“Dear Santa, My boyfriend visits me at college, but he doesn’t have a place to sleep. For Christmas, please send me a boycott.”

Humorist Leah Emrick shares some of her favorite jokes in this collection of clean-living humor. Anyone who enjoys a good laugh—pastors, friends, teachers, friends, co-workers—will not want to miss this fun-filled treasure trove from the great joke master. Delight your giggler with frolicsome fun as you read hundreds of jokes organized from A to Z.

I read, “Making the Winter Blues Smile,” an article from Alta Leah Emrick, and was attracted to its comfort and humaneness. Then I reread it to assess if was as excellently written as I first thought. That article was as near to perfection in its genre as anything I have read in 60 years. She has now turned her quill to books, which should serve up some golden nuggets. I found several while looking at a page of her G-rated joke book World’s Greatest Collection of Jokes.

Jan A. Way


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The Bestest of All Best Joke Book Ever!

Over 1600 clean, fun jokes to tickle your fancy!

Kids of every age love a good joke. Over 1600 ‘clean’ gooferisms, silly stumpers, Dooley’s duh-isms, tearable puns, idiot’s idioms, wisenheimers, boo-isms, Q&As, bumper snickers, hokey jokeys, nonsense, harmless hokums, tomfooleries, buffoon-isms, monkeyshines, and MORE…